Introducing: Stiletto Escape, a Luxury Travel Planning Service for Women


We’d like to take a minute to introduce you to one of our clients, Stiletto Escape! You know those type of women that you meet for the first time and become instant friends? That’s exactly how I clicked with Shivani Ballesteros and Jana Wallis, the founders of Stiletto Escape. I’m a huge fan of their services, and can’t wait to help take it to the next level and show everyone why I love it so much!

Avid travelers Shivani & Jana realized that somewhere between traditional travel agents and overwhelming amounts of websites & social media recommendations was the need for a more personalized planning service. Stiletto Escape creates personalized girlfriend getaways tailored to the interests of their clients, whether you’re looking to celebrate a bachelorette party, spring break trip with the girls, a relaxing trip away from the husband & kids, or a reunion with college friends up for adventure. Shivani and Jana take the time to get to know you and more about the trip your group is dreaming of, and Stiletto Escape will plan it perfectly.




Shivani & Jana are the women you WANT to go away with for a girl’s weekend. They know all of the best deals, the most amazing places to go and see, and they help plan the perfect vacation for your group.  I wish I knew about Stiletto Escape when all of my girlfriends were getting married, we could have saved a lot of time, money, and probably had a much better time celebrating the bride-to-be’s if they were around!

Contact me at  if you would like to arrange a time to speak with Shivani & Jana about their exciting start-up, Stiletto Escape. And be sure to follow The Escape Artists on their blog or Twitter for travel advice!


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