Think Before You Join: Determining Which Social Media Platforms Will Work for You

We have a lot of new clients that come to us and say, “I read that Pinterest is the latest craze, let’s build a profile there,” or “Our competitors are on Twitter, so we need to be there too”. There are a million things you can read about or see your competitors doing, that might not necessarily be the best fit for you and your businesses. Below, we’ve created a series of questions to consider before you jump into a new social media network.

Why do you want to use it? Are you only joining this platform because your competitors are on it? Is it because you read an article about it, and decided you should join? You saw some crazy statistics about how millions of users are using it regularly, and you feel like you should be there too?

Pause for a minute and think about your long-term goals for yourself and your business. Will these users and social platforms contribute to those final goals? Or is your time better spent on different profit-generating tasks. Constantly re-evaluate the reasons why you want to join these social media networks and the potential benefits they will bring to yourself and your business.

Do you have the time? – Trust us, it’s a waste of time to build a profile on these networks and then never update it, use it to its capabilities, or engage with your customers. Ignore the old saying, if you build it, they will NOT come. You need to engage, maintain, and innovate on these platforms to really build the attention and make it worth your while.

Familiarize Yourself - Try to build a profile for yourself before you build one for your brand or company. You’ll witness first hand how much time is involved, how others are using it successfully, and will be able to determine the pros and cons.

Check out what your competitors are doing on their social media profiles, if they have an engaged audience, and what you would do differently. It’s good to compare and find others who you feel are successful and learn from them.

Where Are Your Customers? – If your customers are not online, do you need to be? Where are they turning to communicate with their peers and your potential customer base? Survey your best customers (informally or formally) and ask where they spend their time. Are they active on Facebook, but not on Twitter or Google+? This market research will help your decision. For example, it might be a better choice to spend money advertising on Facebook rather than maintaining a brand page on Google+. Don’t waste your time on a social platform your customers aren’t using.

We know the web can be overwhelming, so be sure to carefully evaluate your options before jumping in. Your time is valuable, and you should feel certain that your time investment and efforts are spent wisely. 

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