4 Tips for Writing A Guest Blog

If you’ve given any thought to your online branding, you’ve probably heard the term “content marketing”. Content marketing is a strategy to help build your platform by offering your expertise and business know-how to attract new customers. The goal is not to produce content touting how amazing your services and products are, but to establish yourself as a valuable resource in your industry.

Guest blogging is an effective tool to incorporate into your content marketing program. Below are a few beginner tips to get started guest blogging. 

  • Be a Resource. Quote new statistics pertaining to your industry, forecast new trends, highlight other products and services that might be useful to your customers. If you’re offering useful information to your readers, they’ll look forward to hearing from you.
  • Do your Research: Take a look at a website that you would love to write for. Try to find similar topics to your area of expertise, and study them. This should give you a feel for the type of articles that this website features. (Hint: try CNN.com, NYT, Huffington Post, iVillage, Forbes, Washington Post, for good examples.) Look at the bylines and make sure that they take outside writers, not just staff editors.
    Additionally, the majority of bloggers we work with are open to guest posts, as the long as the content is exclusive and appropriately targeted for their audience. Start here and
  • Think Social: Change your mindset to think of how this material will be shared on social media. Come up with a “Twitter-friendly” headline. You want this to be short and sweet, and give the gist of the article in one quick phrase. Remember, twitter is limited to 140 characters, so you should try for no more than 100 characters. Look online for articles that have a lot of Facebook shares and Retweets and evaluate what makes those articles “sociable”.
  • Keep it snappy: Online readers skim very quickly. Try to bullet point or keep your paragraphs very short and manageable to make it appealing to your readers. Along the same lines, often articles that offer “tips” or ask questions are shared the most on social networks. Of course, there are always exceptions to this rule depending on the audience & outlet you’re writing for.

In addition to your internal blogs and newsletter subscribers, the exposure from other outlets is a fabulous way to build your readership. You might also want to consider hosting “guest bloggers” on your site as a way to appeal to the contributor’s fan base and extend your personal brand. You’re well on your way to building your network and readership online. 

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